Friday, October 22, 2010

Fire on Bay

Fire on bay
on a 4th of September day
2001 is the year
Onlookers are watching in despair

The wind blowing from east to west
Fire spreading without regret
Straw vendors are affected the most
the straw market is becoming a ghost

Sadness in the eyes of the affected
Hope of saving much is rejected
The straw market is now history
tomorrow remains still a mystery

Vendors are now without stalls
Concerns are on the minds of them all
The tourists' dollar will be missed
all because of an arsonist

The tragedy has united the nation
People coming together for re-creation
Bigger and better is the talk
the ghost of the market past has to walk!

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


A slave to destiny
Unable to stop the inevitable
Circumstances consume my energy
Fear, my only companion

Life, an uncontrollable instrument
The body does what it wants
…the realization of hopelessness taunts
Fear of the unknown presents itself

Heart pumping against the chest
the bondage of the emotions besets
Phobia about where it will lead
Complicates the feed

An escape route is desperately sought
Away from that monster of dread
A desire for peace and tranquility
In an atmosphere of frightened reality

Shyness about decisions
An oasis envisioned
…a place of forgotten timidities
Where fear stands outside its boundaries

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Favorite Movies

Dramatic pictures of experiences
awesome acts to behold
Favorite movies...
unforgettable gold

Scenes that penetrate the soul...
words of strength,
talks of love
and endings of victory

Favorite movies...
seen again and again
Cannot get enough...
of all the right stuff

Music of drama...
sounds of sadness
Times of laughter...
the emotions well serviced

Thinking about favorite movies
even when a distance away
Remembering life's melodramas...
occurring every day

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Fathers Day

Highlighting patriarchs of humanity…
With cheerful gratitude and respect
Children of men commendable…
Gather to pay deserving tribute

Fathers’ day of merit and honor…
Family values to cherish
Praying for admirable dads…
Encouraging family life and responsibility

Giving recognition to an invaluable institution…
Generations appreciate their roots of existence
Gifts of thoughtfulness with adoration…
Fitting, honorable and genuine

Daddies rewarding tasks of continuity…
Living examples for sons and daughters
A day of justified reflection and praise…
Society believes in virtue of love

Fathers’ day to consider…
For we have future and security
God is great and truly brilliant…
Blessed seeds, and precious deeds

Happy fathers day,
To my dear dad indeed…

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


My relatives…my allied folks
Linked by a familiar bond…
In membership and principle…
Living as one people resolved

Family cohesive…
Continuing the examples…
Of our forbearers…
Surviving on love and sharing

One kin…
Destined to blend…
In concord and support…
For the continuance of good nature

Children of God…
Preserve the line
Trusting in the virtue of productivity…
Dedicated to the care of the young

Mothers and fathers… brothers and sisters
Nieces and nephew’s… buddies and neighbors
A realm of connections…
A sphere of fruitful gathering

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Expose Love

Love’s always a thought worth exposing…
It is peace of mind and heart
It is the common denominator of peoples living in harmony
It is the source of true existence

Love is not hateful
Love is not warring
Love is unending…
And it is the root of real spirituality

Love is like the beginning of a new day…
It is always on time and energized with radiant light from the heavens
Love is like eternity…
It has no expiry date

Love is like the eternal flames…
It burns forever
Love is uncompromising…
It is firm

Love is like a favorite song…
Never forgotten and always alive
Love is the mother of civilization…
Hate is its enemy

Love more and be loved…
Embrace the gift like no other
Take advantage of the ultimate life’s experience…
And let love be your guide

Dennis Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


E-mails irritating continue to come
e-mails annoying- one by one
some are read…
most are fast cleared

E-mails nauseating, who sent you?
Trash galore coming through the garbage bin without delay
E-mails litter day by day

E-mail e-mails delivered safe and sound
e-mail e-mails all along
E-mail e-mails spamming through
e-mail e-mails for you and me too

E-mail e-mails, something finally worthwhile
e-mail e-mails- this I shall file
E-mail e-mails how did you find me?
e-mail e-mails with hidden fees

E-mail e-mails, who’s baiting now?
E-mail e-mails- still tracking me how
e-mail e-mails forever be
E-mail e-mails a culture so free!

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


Democracy is used
it is abused
it is to choose
it is refused
it is confused

Democracy is dead
it is alive
it is revived
it is realized
it is whatever materialized

Democracy is naked…
it's whatever we make it!

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Death don't refuse

Death is living beyond
the spirit remains
the heart preserves
the soul's alive

Death is life eternal
Immortality is the fruit
doing well while in the flesh
a life of abundance waits

Doing evil while mortal
Infinite is the punishment
Death begins life's road
the living depends on the past

Above is a scared place
for the good of heart
below is a difficult future
for the bad nurtured

Our living is our reward
the road we choose
is winning or lose
Death don't refuse

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Daylight Saving Time

It's about saving time...saving energy...
Spring forward into the days of light...
Where the nights have become lessen...
And the home energy suppressant

It's a time of savings...
As the great outdoors dominate
Swimming, boating, barbecues...
An evening walk... the list is endless

Daylight Saving Time...
Let's have a picnic!

You bring the beers... I'll bring the chicken...
You bring some rolls... She bring the party... and plates...
You bring some Cole slaw... and let's relate...

Play some cards... a little dominoes...volleyball...
We have light to recreate...
At home, the windows opened wide...
Welcoming bright sunlight and pride...

More time for natural light...
The switches appear obsolete for now...
Living on the outside... a bonfire for the quick night

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


Delight and exultation fill my home…
Because of the blessings my daughters bring
Thank God for his kind giving and rewards…
Queens from heaven valued eternally

Fathers’ inspiration and radiance…
Enthusiasm and treasures of soul
Beautiful generations manifest…
Girl’s today… ladies of tomorrows’ core

Daughters of the paternal fountain loved…
Cosseted by duty and principle
Sisters of the society’s support…
Children deserving of esteem nonstop

Female relatives born to dignity…
Valuing gifts of productivity
Sources of life’s maintenance admired…
Princesses of the enduring resource

Daughters of the world… heartening angels
Mothers, sisters, nieces… entire host
Equal inheritors of justice true…
Other half of the sanctified culture

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Dark love

A full moon night...
the heaven's bright
Barbecue smoking...
fluorescent lights

I couldn't resist
in the mist...
her lit bewitch

A dance asked...
a chance basked
Love blooming...
secure she held

Her lips on my neck...
felt so swell
Moved to kiss her...
blood lips dwell

Fell in love
with a vampire...
night love woo
Dark love forever
for us of the two

©2002, 2003, 2004
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


Cultured are you
Cultured is me
Cultured are we
Cultured is to be

Culture is what we do
Culture is living too
Culture is the songs
Culture is the rights
Culture is the wrongs

Culture is the masses
Culture is the classes
Culture is war
Culture is peace
Culture is the living feast

Culture for the rich
Culture for the poor
Culture is freedom's door

Culture is rich
Culture is poor
Culture is for evermore

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Cruise ships coming

Cruise ships are approaching the port
tourists can't wait to resort
Straw vendors and hair braiders take their place
waiting on customers to embrace

Merchants all along the bay
are too waiting to earn their pay
Tourists from the ships are now free to roam
taxi and surrey drivers are first to zoom

Walking or riding, the city is bustling
as the day ends so does the hustling
Tomorrow some ships will leave the port
others will come in with their resort

Leaving behind happy faces
cruise ships are in good graces

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Creatures in my backyard

Creatures in my backyard
Is a happy site, not sad
Mother nature is kind
The butterflies are fine
The birds dine
The lizards climb
The bees mime
The wasps bind
The ants realign
The cats pass from time to time
The dogs sneak to release their slime
The snakes say, 'the rodents are mine'
Creatures are various in my backyard all the time

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


The generation lives…
In offspring of blood rewarding
First, second, third and more cousins…
A big family getting expanded

Children of aunts and uncles impressive…
Grandparents gladly welcome the newborns
Cousins galore…
No one complains

Who’s having a baby this year?
Only time will reveal
Boys and girls of the lot…
Budding contentedly in the virtue

Family structure versatile…
With numbers healthy advancing
Cousins loved…
Kinfolks valued

Multitude of rewards…
A living vine
Productive and hearty…
Harvesting strong

The creator’s present…
My dearest kinsmen and women
We’re one people…
Gifted in potency and love

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Christmas Love

Reflecting on salvations’ occasion…
Man’s redeem because of the holy birth
God’s promise of the lasting covenant…
His only son for us imperfect souls

Christmas of the greatest gift forever…
Liberation from death celebrated
Son of a virgin and the king of kings…
Royalty of royalties, shining star

Emmanuel of harmony and love…
Songs of praise welcome the bequest of life
Singing to God, master of compassion…
The season illuminates thankfully

Sharing in joyful appreciation…
Peoples believing gather in accord
Christ for the longing hearts, tears of light shine…
Christmas of jubilance dominates fine

Reflections of sinners’ fate rescued…
Jesus the promise, Jesus the savior
Christmas tribute of sacrifice adored…
Love of heaven evermore replenish

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

When the wars have ceased

A world of terror
a world of songs

Who is right?
Who is wrong?

Every day’s the same
someone seeks fame

Crying for some
Rejoicing for others

A world of fear
a world of scare

A world of happiness
a world of despair

Some are happy
others are sad

A world we have had
a world we now have

Living together is still a dream
living divided remains the same

A world of peace
when the wars have ceased

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Capricious weather

Relaxing outdoors
on a sun shining day
My old friend...
visiting he lay

Suddenly the sky turned dark
the breeze began to blow
It's raining now
and windy... oh!

Again calm and sunshine
came running through
Not for long...
as cool air blew

Capricious the weather
…inconstant too
My old pal
enjoying the muck

We moved to a shed
from nature's dread
The day after all
was unchanging instead

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas


Intimate relations…
With brothers keep
Brother of brotherhood…
Robust kinship

Fraternity of blood…
Society of peace
Sibling rivalry intermittently…
Amity in tact nonetheless

Family of equality…
Nourishing on togetherness
Occasional sidetracks…
Breaking the flow
…But fraternal instincts survives

Brother truthful….
Brotherly people love
Affiliating peacefully…
Divisive battles un-tolerated

Brother poem celebrating…
Humanity’s positive light
Models of fellowship…
Enduring pillars of cultural structure

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

The Birds

The birds are quiet now,
they are perhaps sleeping 'til dawn.
The birds sing and whistle,
usually when the morning bristles.

The birds are persistent,
they are insistent,
and their sounds are always recent!

The birds don't always quiet at night,
whenever they are up, I welcome their sweet light.
The birds bring life to me,
and they charge no fee.

Thanks to the birds,
I feel as free as them,
I hope they continue those sweet hymns!

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Sharks in the waters

It's summer 2001
and sharks in the waters frighten everyone
As reports of attacks hit the waves
the love for swimming goes unshaved

Where would the next visit be?
snorkeling goes on totally free
Sharks spotted on the reef
oh, what a blessed relief

Sharks making news galore
coming near the shore like never before
Biting and ripping their way
a few haven't escaped the fray

Be that as it may
sharks in the waters don't stop the day.

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas People

Bahamas people give thanks to God…
for surviving the age of slavery's cord
Blacks and whites simmer peacefully as one…
in the mist of the racism gun

Bahamas people praise the lord…
descendants of slaves and masters in accord
Bahamas people are happy and proud…
to God the Father they sing aloud

Bahamas people depict the globe…
living as one in their ethnic robes
Bahamas people enjoy being free…
turning back will never be

Bahamas people is a melting pot…
singing and dancing and whatnot

Copyright ©2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Gone to Miami

Gone to Miami on the first thing smoking
spending the day in a mall looking
Shopping for bargains not at home
hoping to come ahead all alone

Buying even things not needed
spending money receded
Coming home with loads behind
crying poor mouth all the time

Thinking about the next depart
going next time with his sweetheart
Leaving his wife home alone
the people have disconnected the phone

The bank has call to say a payment is due
his wife told them it's something new
Back in town with his sweetheart
after in Miami pushing carts

The wife spotted them at the airport
she is going off with her sport
Hello honey how are you?
he almost fainted with his sweetheart too!

Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas Christmas

Giving is a must
Smiling is a plus
Christmas in the islands is simply just

The celebration of Jesus' birth
And the anticipation of heaven on earth
Bring people together to rejoice
Christmas in the islands is a joyous choice

The jubilated sounds of music is so clear
The spirit of the souls renewed
New year resolutions flare
Looking forward to another year

Bahamians are happy with glare
Visitors too join in the prayer
Faithful to god is so dear
Merry Christmas to you another year!

Copyright ©2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bahamas Poems

Bahamas poems… Bahamians proudly export
Verses of culture… lyrics to behold
Bahamian poetry…of the island’s experience
Stories worth telling… writings deserving

Island poems…about the divine archipelago
Celebrating sovereignty, serenity and joy
Portrayals of blessings…
Move the soul to depict

Bahamian poem about happy folks…
Living the life of sustenance
The sea of faithfulness…
Surrounds with grateful stocks

Bahamas poem about daily life…
On rocks fishing
An evening’s swim…
Walking the coastline… the options are endless

Bahamas poetry on time…
Instigated by abiding approval
So much to tell…
About a place many cherish

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Another day

Another day has passed
Another day has come
Another day is expected with tomorrow's sun

What are your plans now?
What did you do yesterday?
What will you do when tomorrow's now?

While the earth continues to rotate
I'm here waiting for my date
Will she come or not?
Only time will sought

This day I'm alone
Waiting by the phone
Wondering if by tomorrow, she'll call me home

Another day and I'm still waiting
It's time to move on with my plans
Before tomorrow meets me with still empty hands

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Aaliyah tribute

I met you when you had suddenly departed
stunned I was like many of the broken hearted
Your wondrous beauty now I see
and your amazing songs you sing for me

Your graceful presence with us was short
perhaps another place you must report
Your memory lives on in our hearts
where it will always not depart

Aaliyah, from us you have gone
but your great legacy will live on
Aaliyah, live we may but die we must
your life is an example for the rest of us

Continue to think big and live neat
Aaliyah, stay forever young and remain eternally sweet

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau Bahamas

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes of love feast…
An occasion of great feat
Celebrated with support neat
…thoughts unique respectfully greet
One plus older
…party time sweet!

Relish the gift of transition…
With reflective happiness position
Your day of pamper…
Your time of treat
…groove leisurely to your beat

Justified moments…
Of personal joy and choices
Your way rejoices…
With fĂȘted gladness

Adoring new age…
Something special to cheer
With cake and candles…
And gifts of hearts dear

Spirit of life dancing in years…
Happy in song to meet the affair
This time belong to the birthday heir
Enjoy fully, with all fitting gear

Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, Bahamas

Saturday, October 2, 2010

2001 In Review

It's new years eve 2001
less than six hours...
and it will be done
A dramatic year...
it has been

Mass murders and mayhem...
we have seen
A universe at war...
hunting outlaws
Cultural differences flaw
religious inferences claw
and poverty bliss

Cocktail for chaos
the future before us...
Peace or war?
The cry of 2001!
The mirror for 2002...
this year is going...but,
its memories will forever renew...

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, Bahamas
Copyright ©2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010