Tuesday, April 16, 2013


AIDS is here
AIDS is there
AIDS is everywhere!

Ignorance increases the spread
as HIV shows its dreadful head
Infidelity is a cause
as HIV spreads its deadly paws

Condoms continue to leak
as HIV shows no peak
Education is the key
Promiscuity shouldn't be

AIDS don't play…
take heed if you may

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

Happy Birthday

Blessed juncture…
Living to tell
Another birthday to enjoy yourself…
In thanksgiving and gratitude
Breathing fortune…
Cake and candles
Make a desire…
Then blow away the flames
One year added…
Getting older
Tomorrow’s anonymous…
Value your day
First piece of cake…
The potential candidates wait
Hope it’s not a difficult call…
Do it and move to the second!
Your anniversary… your day
Personal reflections…
Girded for the challenges
Maturing in body and soul…
As the B-days celebrated go
Happy Birthday to you…
With lots of love too
Dennis A. Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

Happy again

The smile is lost…
the face is frost
Wondering if things would be right again
because sorrow dominates without end
Good spirits appear defeated…
while gloomy clouds sit unrestricted
Happiness bereaved
…joyless weaves
Longing to be freed
…wanting a good laugh
Being what I enjoy…
belonging to what I desire

Life is not always in one piece…
I prefer to be happy again and again
Circumstances however, are not always a friend
whenever the opportunity presents…
Surely, I shall be happy again
Copyright ©2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

George Bush #43 - President, USA

George Bush is taking it in strides
he is the president in disguise
George Bush brings a breath of fresh air
the world appears to be in good care

He is the commander in chief
surrounded by competent briefs
Thanks to the old man George
his son is in charge of the forge!

Copyright ©2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

Friendly Skies

Moving peacefully across the sky…
Engine sounds follow
Friendly sky sits still above
No missile firing…
No targets to hit

Friendly skies welcome all
Hostile skies, a fireball
Here we live peacefully
and here, we accept thankfully

No wars raging
No enemies staging
Friendly skies are a way of life…
providing a living for many

Above, it stands
...like a place of peace
God must reside somewhere there
…the passage of prosperity too!
Protected by a Christian army
…all for me and you

Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

Freedom and Peace

Riding along the coastline
one bright and shining day
Zephyr’s blowing lightly across my happy face

Ocean spray's dancing in the air
Trees welcoming their fair share
Choppy is the sea mode
Not a good day for fishing
The gentle breeze freezes my thoughts…
enjoying the freedom, a peaceful sport

The clouds stand still in the sky…
along the horizon they appear asleep
Not moving in the breezy heap
the sun too, appears to dream
Resting still above the air stream

Low pressure is in the air
Cool and windy the atmosphere
Moving along without a care
Freedom and peace the perfect pair
Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas


No master to report
No labor to resort
No shackles to me confine

The choice here is all mine
I am free
I am me

No Osama in the melodrama
No government dictating my life
I am free by the law
Freedom is my department store

Around me, all creatures are free
to me, that's what should be

Freedom is not free…
there were sacrifices for you and me

Remembering the blood sweat and tears…
for freedom’s endurance through the years

Thanks to those who have paid the price…
the sacrifice for freedom, is one of life


Dennis Arthur Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas